Treating Youth Sports Injuries at Home: Benefits of Home Health Physical Therapy for Kids & Teens

Treating Youth Sports Injuries at Home Benefits of Home Health Physical Therapy for Kids and Teens

Having an active kid in your home can be entertaining and rewarding, but also result in sports-related injuries. If your child gets sidelined with an injury from football, track, gymnastics or another sport, your doctor may refer you to a pediatric physical therapist (PT).

A physical therapist’s purpose is to work with your child to improve movement, decrease pain, prevent future injuries and help them resume daily activities in a safe manner. While you have the option to schedule PT appointments away from home, home health physical therapy can be ideal if your child is recovering from surgery at home, their mobility has lessened, or you are finding it difficult to find time for appointments at a clinic.

What Does a Pediatric Physical Therapist Do?

It’s important to know exactly what a physical therapist does before you commit to in-home PT care. While physical therapists are trained to help patients improve movement, manage pain and prevent other injuries, they also specialize in therapy for sports injuries. An in-home pediatric physical therapist can help your child prevent injury and rehab their condition to not only get them back to their normal daily activities, but back into the game, too.

A home health physical therapist may offer the following services to help your child recover from a sports-related injury or surgery:

  • Help with developmental activities such as walking
  • Balancing and coordination exercises
  • Strength building and training
  • Circulation improvement
  • Strength and flexibility measurement
  • Identifying injury problems and new issues
  • Home exercise program instruction
  • Education on injury safety and prevention
  • Determining if your child’s condition requires a physician’s attention
  • Recommending when returning to sports is safe

In-Home Physical Therapy for Kids: The Advantages

There are a number of benefits that home health physical therapy provides including scheduling flexibility, specialized care, and a comfortable rehabilitation environment. 

Home Health Physical Therapy is Flexible

Many traditional clinic-based PTs often recommend once-per-week appointments — or even more. Just one missed physical therapy session could greatly set your child back on their journey to full rehabilitation.

If you have a busy schedule, your child is recovering from a major injury, or they simply drag their feet on getting to their appointments, a home health physical therapist can ensure that your child continues their important physical therapy treatments on a schedule that works for everyone. A home health physical therapist eliminates any excuses and can offer convenience for parents and caregivers.

In-Home PT Offers Kids the Comforts of Home

Home health physical therapists can be especially comforting to a child who is recovering at home from an injury-related surgery, or one who is new to PT. Everyone feels more at ease in comfortable surroundings especially if they are trying to heal from illness or injury. Your child’s in-home physical therapist will skillfully continue the care they received in a hospital setting and also allow your child to focus on their care without any distractions that may come with busy clinic surroundings.

Specialized PT Care at Home

One-On-One Attention

When your child goes to a clinic, their PT may work with more than one patient simultaneously. But a home health physical therapist will focus solely on your child during your chosen, scheduled time to give them the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Home Environment Assessment

Your home is no better place for a physical therapist to evaluate your child’s living environment. When a PT assesses your home, they can better prepare for your child’s at-home therapy plan. Working from your home will help your PT improve your child’s mobility access throughout the house, modify home exercise programs based on where your child performs them, and even remove barriers that could cause further injury.

Home Health Physical Therapy for Kids & Teens in Akron, Ohio

With youth sports injuries on the rise, it’s no wonder that more parents and caregivers are utilizing in-home physical therapy services for their children. Our licensed physical therapists are experts in treating kids and teens at home. Let My Family take care of your family. Contact us today for a free home health physical therapy assessment.