Stay on Track with Our Medication Reminder Program

Cited in a recent study by the “Journal of American Pharmacists Association”, 26% of hospital re-admissions were attributed to medication issues for high risk patients.  

At My Family Home Health Care, we assist patients with care plans and medication administration. To prevent our patients readmission to the hospital we encourage patients to comply with medications as prescribed. The program alerts patients to take medications and are sent by phone, text, or email. The caregiver or the patient can choose any the notifications that meets their needs.

Special Features include: 

  • If the family or patient needs assistance during the phone call, he or she can press 2 to speak to a nurse in real time.
  • Calls can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for the patient, but also works for the end goal of compliance.
  • We are notified immediately if there is a missed call. We reach out to the patient to ensure medications are taken. 
  • Nurses monitor history of compliance so we can make patients successful.

If you have a patient that would benefit from our Medication Reminder Program, call us today at 234-718-2143!