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Home Health Social Workers in Akron Ohio

In-Home Social Services for the Elderly

Senior social workers provide a valuable service to individuals who are aging and wish to age in place. Our in home social services focus on assisting, advising and advocating for your loved one in their golden years. If your loved one wants to maintain independence for as long as possible in the home they know and love, a home health social worker can help.

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Senior Social Workers Enhance Quality of Life for Older Adults

Our experienced home health social workers are dedicated to ensuring your loved one has the best possible quality of life. These professionals act as a liaison between your family and your loved one’s team of doctors, provide advice on next steps after illness or accident, or keep you informed on the right programs in your area. They are truly a teammate in supporting the goal to remain at home while it is safe and practical for your loved one.

Home Health Care Social Workers May Assist with the Following:

  • Identifying local amenities or programs that support overall health and wellbeing
  • Helping to communicate between health care providers, your loved one and you
  • Offering advice after significant life or health changes, such as retirement, the death of a spouse or illness
  • Giving counsel on difficult subjects, like end-of-life scenarios
  • Helping to decide if and when to use other home health care services
  • Identifying technologies or other support systems that make day to day activities easier
  • Coordinating transportation and returning home after a hospitalization

Learn More About In-Home Social Work for Seniors

Seniors in Akron need a strong advocate to help them remain at home for as long as possible. Our in-home social services can help.

My Family Home Health Care is a family-owned home health care agency in Akron, Ohio that offers senior home care and in-home social services to families in Akron, Canton, Fairlawn, Copley, Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton, Ravenna, Green, Hudson, and other surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more. 

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