My Family Home Health Care Participates in East High School Career Expo

My Family Home Health Care Participates in East High School Career Expo

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, My Family Home Health Care participated in the East High School Career Expo. The main goal of the event was to encourage Akron, Ohio students to examine the career opportunities available to them upon graduating high school.

The expo was part of the College & Career Academies initiative to transform Akron high schools’ curriculum from traditional to career-focused programming.

“We are excited to see the City of Akron focus high school learning through the lens of a career,” says Jennifer Pillitiere, President of My Family Home Health Care. “We hope that the students we engage with will be naturally interested in health care and we will in turn encourage them to be focused on a job pathway.”

East High School Career Expo Students Akron
My Family representatives teach East High School students about careers in home health care

My Family Encourages Students to Consider Home Health as a Career

Participants in grades 8 through 11 had the opportunity to visit four career tables where they spent eight minutes at each to learn more about different career paths. Our representatives discussed with each group of students what home health is and provided a short health demonstration. Our hope is that students left the event strongly considering home health care as a viable career choice.

About College & Career Academies

College & Career Academies programming prepares students for careers and college by linking career themes with academic subjects. The curriculum is comprised of experiential learning experiences to make lessons more hands-on and engaging for students pursuing career-technical education.

Local businesses partnering with Akron Public Schools are able to provide expert advisors for teachers and mentors for students to create current and relevant curriculums. The career-focused programming includes job fairs, college and industry visits, career shadowing, internships, and capstone projects.