Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services in Akron Ohio: What is It and What’s Covered?

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Akron Ohio

If your elderly loved one is a Medicaid beneficiary and doesn’t have a means of transportation, they may be able to utilize non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT). The Code of Federal Regulations requires all states to ensure that eligible Medicaid beneficiaries have NEMT transport them to and from non-emergency appointments.

But what is non-emergency medical transportation, and which NEMT services does Medicaid cover? This guide will help you understand your family’s options under Medicaid in Akron, Ohio.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) can be ideal if an individual is unable to drive to medical appointments and requires medical assistance or specialized equipment to keep them safe during rides to their providers. NEMT options include wheelchair vans, ambulances, and ambulette services.

Which NEMT Services Does Medicaid Cover?

If your loved one can’t drive themselves or they have physical or mental disabilities, Medicaid may offer coverage for NEMT services.

Non-emergency transportation to and from Ohio Medicaid-covered services is free for eligible patients. Medicaid beneficiaries who live in Akron, Ohio may be eligible to receive NEMT services for preventative care and ongoing appointments with their medical providers if deemed medically necessary.

It’s important to speak to your county’s department of job and family services or your Managed Care plan to understand if NEMT is covered for your loved one’s unique situation.

Generally, the following types of Medicaid NEMT services are covered by Medicaid:

  • Ambulance services
  • Ambulette services
  • Wheelchair vans

Who Can Receive Medicaid NEMT Services?

Medicaid covers NEMT for eligible individuals to doctor’s appointments, medical offices, hospitals, and other medical providers. Ohio NEMT services are available to Medicaid beneficiaries who:

  • Are eligible and possess an active Medicaid card.
  • Are eligible for Medicaid through the spenddown process and have met their spenddown obligation in the same month of the transportation service. If your loved one has a spenddown, they must meet their spenddown requirements before scheduling NEMT through Medicaid. You must also call five business days before the medical appointment to schedule transportation.

NEMT Services in Akron Ohio

The Summit County Department of Job and Family Services can issue NEMT to qualified and eligible patients. American Medical Transport and American Medical Response are both options that provide NEMT services to Medicaid beneficiaries. If you are unsure about your area’s transportation options, contact your county’s department of job and family services to ensure you know what’s covered.

Appointment Transportation Services for the Elderly

Non-emergency medical transportation is a critical component of in-home health care management. Our senior home health care services are designed to work with your family and Medicaid to provide safe transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, post-surgery visits, cancer treatments, and more. Contact us today for an assessment or to learn more about our transportation services for seniors.