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At My Family Home Health Care, we strive to improve and enrich the lives of our employees, patients and community. We provide affordable needed care to our patients and a meaningful, fulfilling job to our employees.

We believe that assisting our patients in staying home reduces the stress for the patient, the patient’s loved ones, and contributes to the patient’s well-being by giving him or her a level of independence. My Family is part of a provider team and we will always be honest about the needs of the care our patients. We will stay competitive and affordable through innovation and being nimble.

Employees are a key cornerstone of our company. My Family ensures we hire competent staff by performing detailed background screening, and we provide a robust education program and job performance oversight. Our employees are honest, compassionate, respectful and sensitive. By providing a team atmosphere, our company will give our employees work satisfaction and this in turn will mean quality care for our patients.

Our patients are unique individuals with his or her own needs. We treat the whole person, from mind and body to spirit. My Family’s care goals are providing comfort, dignity, safety and excellent clinical performance.

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